About Price Deals.com – UAE’s Price Comparison Website

    Welcome aboard pricedeals.com, where shopping within your budget is made so much simpler. Pricedeals compares prices of the same product, across several online shopping stores within the UAE. We don’t sell the products, but rather offer consumers a convenient option to scour the market, for the best deals available. By simply clicking Go To Store, or Contact Via Email, you can directly purchase your desired product, from your preferred online store.

    Compare and Save Money

    Different stores will have a different price tag for the same commodity. With Pricedeals you can save a lot of money shopping, by comparing the various prices in the market without having to step foot outdoors, or spend hours browsing through several online stores. So not only does it save your wallet, but it also saves a lot of time and effort.

    Original Deals Only

    On Pricedeals, we have dedicated a whole page to daily deals offered by the various online shopping stores within the UAE. By browsing through the same, you can make the most of an eclectic range of deals from different stores, through a single source. Pricedeals also offers a Price Drop Alert, wherein you can select the amount you’d be willing to pay for, for a product, enter your email address, and Pricedeals will notify you when the product is being sold at your preferred price.

    Shop from Different Stores At Once

    Pricedeals gives you the opportunity to shop from various online stores in the UAE, from one single source. We have thousands of products to choose from, from several different online stores listed in our website. And to make it even easier, you can filter your search based on Brand and Category, narrow down your options, purchase what suits your preferences best, and have it delivered to your doorstep.

    Shop from Anywhere

    You can peruse through Pricedeals not only from your PC, but even through your mobile phone and laptop. So you needn’t be bound to one spot when shopping through Pricedeals. Rather, you can do so when on the bus, when sitting at a café, when relaxing on the beach, anywhere. You can also instantly check for better deals, when out shopping in the market. This way you can hook the best, low-priced deals, rather than shell out more than necessary.

    Convenient Shopping Always!

    Pricedeals was created to give consumers a convenient option to shop from. With the rising number of e-commerce websites in the UAE, Pricedeals helps you form a decision by allowing you to compare prices, and pick the best. In just a few minutes, you can reel in the best deals and save a ton of money in the process.

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