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    To make your own smoothies at home, it is important for you to own a great blender. The sharp blades help to reduce the fruits or vegetables to a liquid form, which allows you to derive a greater amount of vitamins and supplements than eating it in its original state can. Truth be told, it has been assessed that up to 70% of the vitamins and supplements found in green vegetables tend to go to waste when eating it raw. Bearing in mind the end goal, to give your body as much supplements as possible by consuming smoothies, it will be necessary to invest in a good blender to do the job perfectly.
    Juicers are used to extract the juice from fruits and vegetables. This extraction is essential to the squeezing process, and the related medical advantages the juice offers. The extraction of juice from the fiber with the help of a juicer means one does not need to exert too much energy into doing the process manually. It also means that one can easily make and consume as many healthy drinks as they want, and cram-in the supplements. 
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