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    It was in the late seventeenth century that men’s headwear started to develop in its own particular right, and not be influenced by ladies’ hat designs. The word Milliner, a creator of hats and caps, was initially recorded in 1529 where the term was derived from the city of Milan in Northern Italy, where items such as gloves, hats, and other accessories were quite famous. The haberdashers in Europe who sold these exceptionally mainstream hats were called Millaners, from which the word was in the end determined. 
    By the mid 1800’s Swiss and Italian hats, together with hats made of paper, cardboard, grass, and horsehair were accessible to men, alongside the exquisite velvet ones. By the 1950’s the entry of ready-to-wear garments was looting the milliners of their vital part in the realm of design. Similarly, amid the War, numerous men who had previously never been involved in hard labor, found themselves being forced into the tough ways of life. This new circumstance implied, in any case, that they no longer had so much time or vitality to spend on being trendy.
    The above history highlights that men have always been into headwear styles! And why wouldn’t they be? Headwear has always been quite trendy! From the cool sailor hats, to the sporty, laid-back caps, every piece of headwear is perfect! PriceDeals has the best collection of headwear in UAE. Check it out now! 
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